1On November 10, 2011, the Ostróda Castle hosted the ceremony of signing a partnership agreement between Ostróda County and Nadvirna Region of Ukraine. Representatives of respective local government units met several times before, also during the International Economic Forum in Ostróda and a tourism trade fair in Kiev. In August 2011, Ostróda County delegation participated in the celebration of Ukraine's Independence Day at the invitation of Nadvirna Region Ostróda County representatives and learned about the specifics of functioning of Ukrainian local government units at county level, which are much different than those in Poland.

In the course of meetings and talks, the parties agreed on a framework for cooperation and the scope of the partnership agreement, in which they agreed to cooperate on a local government level through: the exchange of experiences in local government at the level of county and region, mutual assistance in building a civil society, organizing various joint activities, events and meetings participated in by resident groups from both countries, as well as promoting tourist trade.

Partnership agreement – Nadvirna Region