1For several years, Ostróda County has made significant efforts to promote our sub-region as the subject of interest, learning and visits not only among Poles, Russians and Germans, but also our southern neighbours: Czechs, Slovaks, and Austrians. Hence, Ostróda County's participation in tourism fairs in Vienna, Brno and Prague. Thanks to such activity, we are now witnessing continuous growth in promotional space, number of contacts and marketing channels, concentrated around the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal, Ostróda County, Western Masuria and Ostróda. In addition to our participation in trade fairs, the County also became involved in the organization of study tours for foreign journalists, who in turn use their native media to cover the things that captivated them in our region. One of such media is the Czech travel magazine – Travel Profi.

Travel Profi... is the oldest illustrated tourism magazine available on the Czech market, with twenty years of tradition in publishing, volume of 32 pages and circulation of 65 thousand copies. Since 2008, Travel Profi... is also available on-line. In 2006, the magazine turned its focus to the tourism markets of the Czech Republic's nearest neighbours: Slovakia and Poland (closely related culturally, historically and linguistically). One of the first stories about us published in the magazine informed about the promotional success of our mock-up of the Oleśnica inclined plane presented during the 2011 Holiday World tourism fair in Prague. The Czech premiere of the inclined plane model inspired one Travel Profi representative to participate in a study tour entitled "Land of the Elbląg Canal" in August 2011 and describe this experience in a comprehensive two-page article. That same year, promotional materials about our region appeared in the magazine on two other separate occasions. In 2012, Travel Profi reported on another of our presentations at the Holiday World fair in Prague, and published a post-season piece about active leisure in the Ostróda region.

In 2013, the Czech magazine published information about attractions offered by our county in almost every issue – from the article about the County's and KKE's participation in the Brno trade fair, to the report from Beach Volleyball World Cup in Stare Jabłonki. In October 2013, Travel Profi, along with the region of Ústí nad Labem, participated in the first tourism fair in Ostróda – Arena Tourism Poland. The aim of this visit was to promote events and tourist facilities in our area on the pages of this popular magazine (including Platinum, Sajmino, or Miłomłyn Zdrój). This neighbourly visit resulted in conclusion of a partnership agreement between our County and Ústí nad Labem region of the Czech Republic. Travel Profi dedicated extensive coverage to the February 2014 meeting of local government officials representing both regions to discuss the issues related to signing such agreement and the future of this partnership. Since the signing of the agreement in May 2014, Travel Profi... has been following all meetings and actions of our local governments. An important advantage of media campaigns conducted by Travel Profi... is the fact that they do not require the County to contribute significant funds from the budget.