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Welcome on behalf of the municipal community of the Ostroda County
    „… the huge, broad forests […] were full of light green and changing azure. These were enchanted woods yet making you feel completely secure. It was just one vast house of God.”
    Hans Hellmut Kirst 



    • Ladies and gentlemen,
    • Welcome on behalf of the municipal community of the Ostróda County. I began my greeting with the quotation of the world-famous writer Hans Helmut Kirst who was born in Ostróda – the capital of this county and who spent here a considerable part of his life.  I hope that this website will encourage you to visit Ostróda County and that every stay will let you experience the kindliness of the local residents as well as establish friendships and business relations. Ostróda County is a region with a multifaceted history. You can admire here Old Prussian tribal territories of the Sassen and the Pogesanians, mysterious castles, strongholds of Teutonic Knights as well as historic manor houses, palaces, and churches all located within myriads of forests and lakes.
    • Our main attractions feature the county’s three gems: Wzgórza Dylewskie, the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal being one of the wonders of Poland and the historic Grunwald battlefield. Our county is also a perfect place for a holiday. Unpolluted air, vivid greenery and lush nature constitute only a part of the advantages characteristic of our picturesque area.
    • I strongly encourage you to establish economic and trade relations with companies managed in Ostróda County. Close distance to business markets, good transport connections, local factories and the business environment constitute the atmosphere, which creates favourable conditions for investments. I would like to invite you and welcome you once again in our small homeland.
    Włodzimierz Brodiuk
    Starosta Ostródzki