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County Tourism

8“...Ostróda County is neither Masuria – the land of "dark forests and deep lakes" – nor typical Oberland, Masuria's "blonde-haired sister". Judging by the landscape, our region is something unique, a mix of Masurian mystery and Oberland's light...” – Aldona and Janusz B. Kozłowski "Guide to Ostróda". The terrain of the area that is the modern Ostróda County was shaped over 20 thousand years ago by glaciers.

4The unique beauty of this area stems from the combination of natural environmental conditions, geographic location, and exceptionally rich cultural heritage. Concentration of exceptional sites in a single area contributes to the County's attractiveness. These sites include, in particular: the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal and the historic battlefield of Grunwald.

The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal is especially worthy of attention, as its hydro-technical equipment, particularly the inclined planes, are a world-class monument. After more than 150 years of almost uninterrupted operation, these devices have been subjected to thorough renovation and, since 2015, they are able to once again reliably serve the visiting tourists and water sports enthusiasts.

20July 15, 1410 is without a doubt one of the most memorable dates in Polish history. It marks the day when the combined forces of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania clashed with elite cavalry of the Teutonic Order backed by heavily armoured knights from all over Western Europe. The areas surrounding the villages of Grunwald, Łodwigowo and Stębark are characterised by rolling terrain, cut by streams, rich in lakes and hills of considerable height, but with mild declines and separated by valleys.

40Ostróda County is dotted with traces of ancient and recent history. Old palaces and manors are a common sight. Many of them were brought back to their former splendour and now serve mostly tourism-related functions. These include: Anders Hotel, Karnity Castle Hotel, Manors in Bieniasze, Kraplewo or Sople, Palaces in Wojciechy, Klonowo or Pacółtowo. No less valuable are the numerous sites of religious architecture.

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